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El Jardinero Verano (Chancho Records 2014)

   Hey, even when you didn’t understand Spanish word made into the band’s name there – Pendejo! Which means contemptible stupid person or a dick perhaps really suits for the enormous Cross-Over sessions trading for rocking out harder with them as they’re originally not from Mexico or Central America but western parts of European territory – Amsterdam, Northern of The Netherlands to be exact. Being the quartet of metallic-header playing their Stoner/Doomsters magic blasts; bassist Jaap Monchito, Jos Pepellin the skin-basher, Arjan Er Juan on guitars and El Pastuso the lead vocals raging furious via their last efforts on Atacames – the album telling the audience how finally, the fool successfully kills other public figures that in reality having the higher positions than a scum like him and most of the Spanish-written lyrics for the songs adding more dirty rock’s addictions over you and those whom already listening to Pendejo! as well as the tracks of blasphemous rebel-rousing mixed of Latino/Fuzz Heavy and Alternative Cumbia versions over Amor Y Pereza, Unero, Amiyano, La Chica Del Super No Se Puede Callar or Hermelinda. 

All is well rocking and more powerful than you might think about these band to blasting or distributes through the amplifiers !