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Eiterwunde Verblutung (Bones Brigade 2010)

   Being fanatics for writing protest songs with over-ridden blasting noisy fast sounds and almost every related things with soccer shall awaken these rock-heads off The Netherlands native band of destructive bringer of Death-Metal/Doomy Grind-Core/Gore-Grinders/ Metal Hardcore anarchism of Jesus Crost via this releasing album called as easy as 010. 
The exceeding excessive point of nothingness of the less embarks or erupted through these shorter than one minutes listed tracks written and composed by the maniac band members – recording them into an album and delivery most of this sickening materials for free to infecting youngsters in several cities which fearing that they’re about to experience the torturing pain of fully modern day disease, danger hazardous alerting messages and a tiny invisible feelings of distressed bursts from the inside DNA’s of you pathetic mankind – as the songs of extreme non-prejudice themes via Glanzklit, Giftmord, Forltertod, Familienopfer, Torentfernung, Parasit, Gonorrhea, Tsarbomba, Battison and many more unspeakable theories and lyrics telling us about the real reality outside not like thus corporate telecommunication companies needs you to know a little bit of information against the whole global threatening issues or plan. 

Open your fucking eyes, idiots !