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Ecaps Asimov (Bandcamp 2014)

   So if your dad got his own collections of good Hip Hop rhyming; add this to that to make it better – yeah, the Detroit, Michigan’s Pig Pen is your newer rhythm-flows rapper that experiences his ability mixed with daily story from the street corners around the motor city after five o’clock in the evening. The modern meets old classic Rap sounds and beats as instrumentals or samples gathered quite exquisite and begin its journey into up crossing the night skies on the releasing called Goes To Space brings these eleven track on the lists and your guidance for the rocket of rhymes not sloppy but braver carving via thus elegant and cool listening performance all the way through either Monolith, Father, One as well as Bringer and Dust – blasting far far away onto Mos Eisley planet system cause Hip Hop rules the traffic sky-way via this damn good records luckily, made and release by Pig Pen as your frontier inter-galactic ambassador today. 

Godspeed and rocketing on, ma smart nigga !

Pig Pen: