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Earth Sorceries (Self-Released 2015)

Stoner Metal trio of bashing head-banger sounds production as a band distracting you with their similarity to either Chris Cornell and Soundgarden tones by mistakenly pure coincidence. Led by the brave high-pitched female singer and lead guitar Sabine Stangenberg, bassist Joey DeMartine and Douglas Jennings Barrett behind the drum-kit forming this Portland, Oregon basher-rocking crew on releasing their complete fully album as the monstrous doomed - Disenchanter beasts as a band of three through Strange Creations with the background of forest goddess appearance there on the front cover and the saluting crashing themed and tunes and riffs so powerful – they’re blasting hard as you may noticed them via 792, On Strength of Steel, Green Queen or A Thousand Times and many more occult-based lyrics and tales to shared there on the band’s catalog of Stoner/Doom metallic music. 
As the evil reflection on folklore-tales of Lilith might be really re-incarnated back again as your goddess on choice or the devil creates the fairies not just for its mates but also to slipping those human to sins by copulating with the spirits from the woods but also moshing onto devilish pagan music types established.

Strange Creations: