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Dumps Sidekick (RCA 2014)

Whether you clearly knows about the life’s story about Eli Maiman, Kevin Ray or Nicholas Petricca or Sean Waugaman; bet you won’t knowing the whole entire stories where the starting points for Walk The Moon happens as an Indie-Rock Pop band from Cincinnati, Ohio that within their fourth recording releases for Talking is Hard finally had their chances to touch the fame’s gate as the blending of Indie-pop and Synth-Rock via tracks of trouble-times finding the pleasure answers to share through the equality momentum in Avalanche, Work This Body, Portugal, Up 2 U, We Are The Kids and Spend Your $$$ over the closing intransitive for Come Under The Covers as laughing the trends of so many bands doing it nowadays as more forgetting how to write down their own materials after that. 
If you think most of the newer generation bands didn’t have their own original matters and creativity anymore; this one shall proves you wrong … 

Listen for the intensifying tension and beats characters via Shut Up and Dance as the group’s hits on your radio.

Talking is Hard: