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Due My Because (Phrex Records 2016)

The rumor and hoax news turns out to be true that the ex-Alternative unsung hero with a very good album recordings on the nineties era is coming back with his brand new trio project in Lucky Guy – as their debut work. Greg Humphreys Electric Trio is your info and maybe later or sooner – they would becoming the headlines again, who knows. 
Harmony melodic and groovy via Crosstown that also you can hear from the album as well; performing by Keith Robinson, Matt Brandau and of course, Greg Humphreys too as being distance from his previous works before – this calmer Indie-Pop session really shows the mature ways of older life within the rocker’s digest to swallow now and pretty romantic lyrics for a precious lover or more feelings shows there would be a great decision to taste for your AOR listening ears. Whether for Sayin’ What You Mean, Golden Bone, More Than A Friend to So Fucked Up – probably could clearing things or questions that blocking your relationships today if you meant to be a changing person to grab and hold the one you loved the most.

Lucky Guy: