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Drive Sunday Feel (OSR Tapes 2016)

   Danny Cruz is a lead singer, founding father, apocalyptic everything chaotic or weird like telling the truth behind lies as whether the anti-military devotions, for god and satan of mud hell-firing metallic lightning and perhaps, pro-gay activist from Montague, Massachusetts releasing this semi-grungy/retro and Indie Garage rocking plastered by arts of noise experiments through Freedome by Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth. Playing his super crude psychedelic driver, rotating on acoustic to abstract music making talking about teenage metallers to down-syndrome kids et cetera. As Rock n’ Roll is here to stay by the pointing Goth-liked drawings of Mother Mary the whore of Babylon or the virgin – either you can choose which side you’re on – offering most of these tracks of fifteen where Avant-Garde or Chamber-sophisticated musical spreading via Superstition of Chemtrails, Simbas Home, Running in The Shadows, We Shall Overcome, Fuck Miogyn and Escape The Death Squad via Cannabis hallucinating timer as a must be some the truth for surviving your own lives.