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Dremate Incanduce (C/Z Records 1994)

As being dissolved after the death of Michael Dahlquist the drummer; the rest of the crew: Andy Cohen (guitars), Tim Midgett (bass), Joel R.L Phelps (guitar) and Matt Kadane (keyboards) of the US Indie Rock group Silkworm calling it a day. As already develops onto their own sub-genre for experimenting the noise of sounds distortions and Grunge-tinged flip-flaps bargaining records in release; the fifth album can be described as one of the band’s finest works by far within thus bass-line captures the jaw of the listeners, good spontaneous three chords or more harmony blistering of honest lyrics and daily weird themes on In The West comes to your stereo system. 

The full moonlight over the Mexicano border romance or the red waterfall and pilgrims and those drum-bashing songs of free-thoughts and simple rock music turning independent within Garden City Blues, Dust My Broom, Into The Woods, Punch Drunk Five and Raised By Tigers or Parsons may blasphemously burning your mom’s cooking recipe collection books down where there’s matchsticks.

In The West: