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Dolce Far Niente (Alternative Tentacles 2014)

   Needing your double digits to give to them because the ranging cleverness on their written lyrics for socialism, smart politics vaudeville punk riot’s act and Cabaret Lounge swinging ala New York sounds combination of contrapuntal and rhythmic percussions went to unexplored territory with The World/Inferno Friendship Society.
   From the Hardcore Punk to New Orleans’ marches classical influences by TSOL or The Damned or Rockabilly scene. 
This Packed Funeral consisting of three drummers, noisy guitars, whirling organ/piano by Aaron Hammes, Mora Precarious Raja Najib Azar to Peter Hess, Sandra Malak or Rebecca Schlappich brought their Art-Rock and Folk-Rock Punk smart ideas via Dr. Dracula who makes you get high, American Mercurial, The Elegant Solution, Don’t Kiss Me I’m Running Out of Lipstick, Taken Down a Peg I Help Out The Squatters in The Subway may cause a furor talks among the conservatives on calling these rockers a new commie troops as they shouting loud for So Long Saving Grace to drove away (Silence) – The Lady with The Alligator Purse is surprisingly, Mrs. Liberty in disguise !

This Packed Funeral: