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Disturbia Bow (Def Jam/SRP 2008)

The duet with Jay-Z for one of the everlasting Dance/Rn’B single hits on Umberella is not only making the rainy season wet, sexy and interesting as before but also flicking a rumor about their unusual relationship after that co-working but Rihanna Fenty the Barbadian queen of Pop since this third releasing album and her decision to move to US and having a contract with Def jam recording producing big within the mixing of the pioneering axis to later on modern EDM electro music which booming world-wide on Euro-Pop, ballads and Rn’B/Swing to Hip-Hop beats in additions giving the not only sensuality for the entire whole but the effects like infections to affecting the audience and listeners whom growing more and more by amount on loving her music besides her hot looks. 

The rest of the rebel story of Rihanna all being completed within this one – Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded which spawning tons of awesome songs inside from Push Up on Me, Don’t Stop The Music, Breakin’ Dishes, the rocking wild in Shut Up and Drive right to the ballad single Hate That I Love You to Rehab – as the tales of success goes like a flowing time in wonderland blows for her as the cover story of the magazines. 

Need to … Touch her sounds to your imaginations.