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Disconnection Wake (Self-Released 2016)

   Maybe a familiar to much adoring New Wave fans music fanatics but unique and experimental inquires to have a good listening thoughts for this type kinds of sounds peculiar and strange in beats but still manage to forcing people to dance following the sounds of a quite extra-ordinary party repulsions in rhythmic satire and angular influences from the future trends performance of theatrical up-beat based on Ashbury Park, NJ by the group or project called Daughter Vision led by the multi-instrumentalist figure named Steve Honoshowsky and his friends – influenced by comic books, space-ship, small stage dive bar and 80’s drum machine and absurd arts under the degree of Pop culture captions and demands.  
   On this recording album – Do What You Want; thus eight planned viral minister of sound products blown up in a bursting colors of disco-beats and confetti of melodic within the Electro-cuts effect that can easily listening by the audience of curiosity through Jai Alai, Superconductor, Reach to Suffocate The World. 
   Means that behind thus pollutant and carbon based layers of air we breathing in everyday there’s still hope about a better future free from littering and living in sin ways by migrating to the Disco-Pop Rock stations made by man themselves – to avoiding extinctions. Buy the ticket now or this great album – first things first.

Do What You Want: