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Dionysus The Well (Oma333 2016)

From her Polish descend background but living in Glasgow, Scotland; a Pop troubadour on various luminaries based on the New York experimental noises scenery and music composer with the description about her own sounds as complex segments of Electronic and orchestra textures in flourish, sometimes being an alias of Lizzy Swimmers – Ela Orleans has always disguising her music behind thus never ending experiences on experimenting via Down-Tempo, Lo-Fi, Post-Punk and beats formula just like the courageous newer releasing from her as the song-writer, composer and arranger for this solo project upon Circles of Upper and Lower Hell seems to be related to those whispering tales of another side of Dante’s works descriptions seeing from the Pop-Electro cultural views.
Walk along the small path where your feet might taking you to and the music – either becoming an entrance guide or the exit of the last breath shall circling right around tracks of weirdness as non-popular feelings and where eerie thoughts gathered as a mystery package of sounds via Sunlit Hill, Threshold, Hands in Dark, Charon, You Go Through Me, Ghosts and Whispers wrongly turned onto Thorn Tree, The Heretics or The Great Barrier as not a very nice choice to pick but didn’t quite fair on protecting you alone crossing Phlgethon Woods by oneself as the sun goes down already …

Circles of Upper and Lower Hell: