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Deserts Shadow (Brutal Panda 2014)

   Not related to close to The Mars Volta likes but more Thrashy Metal and Hard Rock Progressive touch in a Mastodon’s metallic Math-Rock volume blasts wishing you a brutal situation while having a chance for listening to this Bellingham, Washington three-tracks recording of awesome path on high-techniques and progressions off the somnambulant production by Ross Robinson (Korn, Machine Head, Slipknot, Norma Jean) in collective works within the composes rock-heads known as Wild Throne three-piece: Jeff Johnson, Josh Holland and Noah Burns on this releasing mini recording of Blood Maker that sounding similar to another extreme metal recording release but never a copycat product. 
Through the exotic artwork photography design and exploding songs on the opener The Wrecking Ball Unchained in six minutes and nineteen seconds top within Prog-Metal revelation sounds as the symbolic signs by the crying virgin sorcerer wearing her crown of horns; as the cobra ready to strikes or the thinking eagle and the glamour affections for comprising lilith’s power spreading within the extremity of Heavy Metal in high-priceless performance shall forever be normally unstoppable.

Blood Maker: