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Demon Dark Deep (Don Giovanni 2016)

Presenting themselves from Ithaca, New York comes the non-famous imperfect sweeter group by the name of Izzy True and consisting of some youngster musicians: Angela DeVivo, Isabel Reidy, Jon Samuels and Silas Reidy not because some might knowing them or go to their bedroom-studio area and see that perhaps, these guys are a dark-knight worshipers or just being nerdy as they’re looked alike right now but the girls actually, are cute. 
Nope is the recording release from Izzy True and don’t know what’s with the choice to pick a card or more on the front cover really means but it has a relation with the Pop-Rock sensations written and whispers via thus soft jangly distortion tracks for the record deal there as you might hearing some of them via Jamie, Gwam Gwam Gwam, Which Wish onto Mr. Romance and Coffee Maker as it is being totally daily tales sharing story to play and listen on this one. 
Be sure that if you really liking them or the harmony girls attracts you deeply – just try to have the entire album and listen to them all before you sending emails to informing them to your friends.