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Death To Fight (Head Fuck Records 2013)

As bad indicators on Negotiation is Over length to three minutes and forty-six seconds; The Noisy Terrorist unleashed its particular Speed-Core artistic force of the fallen project in sequencer or propelling personality elusively, lesser-known Parabellum E.P which contributes on why the project were called like that. Noisy as it is and filled within the terror collision of music sampling or sound blending in an Electro-Industrial which is terribly so disturbing to those ears whom didn’t recognized or never use to listening to this shit genre of chaos like this one. 
Bullets are countless and as the shots hitting something fleshy or alive – as it fell down dying and out of blood bleeding weak and crying for merciful of life itself who never listening to you or anybody else; Daniele Ceccarelli of Rome, Italy spreading the messages of non-human signaled tensions over the experiemtnal sounds for worshiping the noisy of the mighty. 
Do you Enjoy The Fear or in Terror Laughing like a maniac brother who just slaying his younger brothers for no good reasons. Electronic Gabber or Speedcore will be sooner a dangerous results for these new millennium generations seeking peace behind the destructive actions and sexual attempts. 

Parabellum E.P: