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De Epaves Paquebots (Roy Music 2011)

   Bertrand Boulbar has been almost everywhere – and his inseminated thoughts of ideas and stories perhaps, collectively melted into his composing music writings as Boulbar taken the points where it should be started is the latest Motor Hotel – the collections of Folk-Rock, World Music and Country tracks recorded in a implicit lyrics wisdom to show the audience the places around his presence. Seeing the beauty lies down under the hot sunrise Dernier Jour A San Francisco (San Francisco-Californie) as she wearing only a bikini smiling or just don’t care about Joe (San Francisco – Californie), the remote views floating like a hallucination of summer through help Me (Route 95 – Nevada), Je Cherche Ta Voix (Route 191-Utah/Tonopah – Nevada) and Dautres Heures (Blanding-Utah) crossing to Bursnville (Burnsville-Virginie Occidentale) just like a sad tale of a waiting lover in vain on a parking lot and such. 

Loves, confusion, romance and broken feelings caught on this album really good – you can feel the quietness creeps … 

Motor Hotel: