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Dancin’ Magic (Ash America 1993)

As they’re used to be a third or fourth layers of bandwagon groups by the late early nineties Heavy Hair Rock bands of Los Angeles scene; either Rich Symons or Pat McNulty the guitarists, the deceased bass player Cylde Holly or even the current line-up like keyboardist Stefan Prescott, Mark Allen Lanoue on vocals/guitars, Rob Gronkonski behind the drums and Dave Melton (bass) truly rocking on their first debut album – Let The Games Begin and not from Biloxi like the band’s naming themselves but California these hairy rockers came. 
Amount of Giant’s influences especially Lou Gramm vocals, old AOR by Journey to Kansas but Hard Rock is their best choices on this one; carried as many miles as possible on the riding sound loud but easy listening for the audience through Angel, Run For Your Life, Show Me The Way, Out Too Late, Somewhere in The Night to classic cover of Mississippi Queen by Mountain. 

Melodious and adult-oriented …

Let The Games Begin: