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Dance Wanna Knife (Warner Bros. Records 2014)

   Dilated distorts but carrying the most softer, popper and melodious power of Indie Rock faster version borrowed from Punk Rock local scene and adding something special inside onto these NYC rockers trio of Joshua Hubbard, Michael Ian Cummings and Noah Rubin for calling themselves – Skaters as releasing their debut recording on Manhattan; bring those Post-Punk and New Wave interests back to the roots basic and blending within some balance between raw features and standard gold of how to sell your music further to the public pretty well as one might enjoying their listening moment to your album and those tracks truly re-gaining the trust for many rock music lovers and romance thrilling people to liking this attempts recording via good helping hands or mystical touches through the simple sound songs like Miss Teen Massachusetts, Deadbolt, Band Breaker to Symptomatic and This Much I Care. Feel the extensive life-expanding themes collectively written just for your subjective objects this century !