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Dance Everything (Sonic Cathedral Recordings 2014)

   Too saturate to be called as a super-group yet, this side-project from foursome couples off Super Furry Animals’ Guto Pryce with Lindsey Leven, guitars providing player Gid Goundrey  and Race Horse’s drummer Gwion Llewelyn as well as fuzzy bass-lines, Folkish-dreamy voices and acoustic/electric music sounds to synths performance cinematically would definite a ethereal Jangly-Pop and manifesting a clear melodious harmonic road tripping while listen to this simple name of Gulp.flaring lens on the beach sand-dunes, seeing bikinis flowering orange plantations images to desert wind blows your curiosity away erased the broken-hearted in flexibility of Psychedelic Indie-Pop tunes recording in Season Sun album (not as you think as an actual products of Hollywood or Santa Monica) but a Cardiff, Wales group; sharing the group’s point of views spread-out through those sweetening Let’s Grow, Clean & Serene, Vast Space, Hot Water and Game Love. Nothing seems to be a dream by living anymore as you reach the border of California sunrise and endless lining of beaches or palm trees saying hello and welcome to you – like all the dream-catcher people who used to come before you entering the non-reality world kinds of independent Rock Disco. 

Keep on dreaming …

Season Sun: