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Daliah’s Luminol (Weakie Discs 2013)

   Playing Spades With Satan is a formatting of so called “schizo-delic” of acoustic reasons of writing songs by a Beck-type song-writer and artist and singer in similarity – known as Lonnie Rutledge or Lxnnnie the Belmar, New Jersey act assorting his multiple-generating various music genres into projects which as a reminder as major like the movies Heights, Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead and some MTV commercials.

   Within this record comes thirteen tracks of the most valuable extra-ordinary and experimented as an alternative or anti-Folk Pop as well as serial killer Trip-Hop sounds all combining into one. As funny titles or weirder lyrics and sounds approaching closer to your stereo system inside your private room, feel comfortably uncomfortable for the solution led terrible troubled bridging tones and melodic chosen via Mr. Impossible, Historically Laughing, Unown, Deer with Headlights or Grunge Muppets as your bizarre sound bites parade instrumentation and performances. 

Lxnnnie has by talents of crazy thoughts fucked up his own album really good !

Playing Spades with Satan: