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Curse Of Hecate (Witch Records 2015)

   May becoming your next favorite Occult-Rock and Classic Doomy Stoner group from Bilbao, Spain; The Wizards that consisting of Ian Mason, Phil, George, Count Baraka and Dave as the forming came after or during thus several drug-abuses and hardest liquor consumes in marathon just like the backyard party for Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Deep Purple and Dio as the police sooner quickly being called by most of the neighbors. 
The vocals sounded like Glenn Danzig to Southern Rock heroes in comparison and the music tremendously groovy kinds of intense but the dark-realm influences shall remains elusive and dangerous to catch within you exploring the deeper side of caving entrance of hollow demons lair for this self-titled of them; through Cimmerian Lard, Deal with a Witch, Misty Day, Gravepisser, Welcome to The Future or Conjure and Saviours would came and awakening the total rocking ancient god smoking weeds worshipers.

The Wizards: