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Current Drowned (Doomentia Records 2013)

So you aren’t afraid to listening on Doom Metal atmospheric these days ? As your mind keeps on thinking about the exact time when apocalypse may fell upon this world … Meet the quartet whom might predicts the closing hour a slower Sludge-ology music toprey on fainted hearts or spoiled people feeling secures within what their money can buy or their automatic alarms and CCTV but not when you might heard over these Helsinki, Finland’s crew of sorrow-based and horrific theme-writers to composed for themselves to be released as Black Soil recording by the band: Horse Latitudes. Featuring Harri (drums/vocals), Heidi (bass, effects), Vellu (bass, effects) and Antti (moog) as you may calling this a strange composition for a metal band but it is them alright and they’re not a happy people with smiles. Sounding primitives and ritualistic slow as thus occult-based symbols and background really influences them in heavier elements being whether snatching to kill or offering the fresh hot-blooded person to the higher power they’d calling them gods or goddesses or satan himself. Dragonite emblem and green background means unholy alliance just carried out by the nine minutes and fifty seconds opening song onto the much longer over seventeen minutes and nineteen seconds third track off Eternal Spring as well as the sacred tales re-shared via Forest for the second song on the list. 

Monotone and minimalist but having a hidden effect like an atomic bomb fell down by silence … 

Black Soil: