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Crook And Flail (Glitterhouse 2016)

The rather be not being in comparison to David Bowie of American Folk-Rock or Alternative Country solo project artist since his band being on hiatus for a while; David Eugene Edwards have releasing his own catalogs since then – just like the incarnation of Bowie-esque son in the US soil and after years of plenty works which collectively good, the man himself releasing Star Treatment as the alias disguising name of Wovenhand. 
Within thus Goth-Rock tinged base and traditional sounds from Native American heritage comes the latest works from Wovenhand on Star Treatment as you may listening to them due to distorted minds regressions via Come Brave, Swaying Reed, The Hired Hand to Crystal Palace or The Quiver to Golden Blossom. Technically, has given an approval about how artistic these musical project has offers the world of audiences its semi-perfect elegy of sorrow and folkore tales to share towards the essential sounds composition tracks. 
An echoes of thus dying spirits of animals, nature and trees howling in a smokey sign chants of deperation and war-paint wigwam picture – a reminder of how painful the history already putting the price on lives and sell it low. 

Star Treatment: