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Court Crap Wars (Red Lounge Records 2013)

Jump off the window onto the trampoline and then do the double acrobats and let yourself getting wet splashing to the rubber pool of your little brother’s backyard might be the exact description about Buck Biloxi and The Fucks – the US Punk-Rock minimalist from new Orleans, Louisiana did their self-titled debut recording sounded similar to The first Stooges blasted record if they’re having a sibling or a bastard son forming a band as their fucking father did before. 

Simple, power-raw with three chords progressions and didn’t care about being commercial or sell something – cause these guys just wanted to rocking out and vomiting protests to the dumb-butts world they’re living in with. 

Society pressures, right winged groups, infectious disease or night life are thus themes written or taken by the band as their inspirations to write more intense songs that come shorts but not cheesy. Listen to Rats of Trantor, Hit You with a Brick, Shut The Hell Up, I’m a Disaster, The Walls Have Aids, Weirdos on The Street to They Should Have Killed You must be your tracks for a welcoming soundtrack of living in sins and danger by day or night. 

Buck Biloxi and the Fucks: