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Copter Sorceror (Relapse Records 2016)

The Synthesizer quartet did their trance-mode of uplifting the blander of their music making via Electronic Ambient/Down-Tempo/Dark Synth experimental to soundscape instrumentals in various range of grim, meditative, thundering driven to rhythmic beats as being inspired by many Horror scores, simultaneously omnipresent debut off their works there on the coding titled tracks of the album – RR7349.
Slow-beats burst like a leakage off the pipes on your rocket from names like Adam Jones, Kyle Dixon, Mark Donica and Michael Stein commitment as SURVIVE are your four piece of arranger/producer or mixer in music addicted beats to suffer for ears to listen carefully. Everything seems to be not too damn loud coming in from the record deals such as the vibrant tracks or themes via the Austin, Texas exhibits there on A.H.B, Other, Dirt, High Rise, Wanderclyffe, Cutthroat or Low Fog. Steps in and turn on your oxygen tube for the journey into sounds to the sky just might started to begin shortly …