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Convalescence (Bandcamp 2015)

So, whether this is could be the next steps developing sub-genre type off Blink 182’s legacy of Punk-Pop Skaters or just a coincidence for your ears to feasting over Chicago, Illinois Pop-Skater Punk group Belmont to shown the smaller world about what their semi-excellent faster beats as the results of Easycore and Hardcore and Pop-persuasion blending means here on this courageous record – Vicissitude. 

By Taz Johnson (vocals), Brian Lada (drums), Sam Patt (guitar, back-up vocals) and Alex Weiringa (bass, back-up vocals) presenting the splintering tracks for the extreme skate-boarding acts on Masquerade, Crossroads or Old Wounds; wishing that some miracles of beauty still can be happened today.