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Compensation Wolf (Flightless 2016)

Blown up-tempo Bluesy Garage Rock of Geelong, Melbourne - Australia by the names of lesser-known The Murlocs which weirdy but elusive and cool to listen on the same time creeping their ties between not too thicker boundaries as classic sounds available made by the performance of the band’s members like the leading figure of Ambrose Kenny-Smith to Andrew Crossley, Callum Shortal and Cook Craig or Matt Blach sending the outrageous sixties or seventies-based of retro mixing off Psychedelic Rock, Lo-Fi, Blues and Garage attitude typical as well as its great artworks which would tricky becoming sensational or at least, artistic to see as thus recording songs burst larger than the medium sized volume your father used to do while having his musical time through Adolescence, Rolling On, Let Me Down Lightly, Unknown Disease, Happy Face and more via this recording of Young Blindness. 
It’s cracky and noisy but on the same time – doomy funny as mesmerizing demented screeching vocals from the group’s lead singer really blends some soulful Rock to Rn’B …

Young Blindness: