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Cold Stars (Secretly Canadian 2012)

   Emotional of ethereal moods for thus crafty Dream-Pop experts in the making from these Brooklyn’s Exitmusic whom just going to reminds you about the broken-hearted version of Thom Yorke’s fanatic altar boy followers weeping hard or the eerie sensual of beauty female voices comes between the essential co-working partnership of the bohemian mob eifey from HBO famous series girl – Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church respectively as pair and lining-up within the electronic musician Nicholas Shelestak and drummer Dru Prentiss by silence empowered the smooth glooms of colder darker themes provided there. 
   Called it - Passage; the second efforts from Exitmusic that carries thus Shoegaze or Indie Rock ethereal atmosphere as even the flash-lights or the fireworks were all having the same colors in gloom as the tracks resemblance the quiet and solitude feelings that never again amend to normally happy on forever dark-tinged music of Pop tears falling via The Night, The City, White Noise, The Modern Age to Sparks of Light which never shall be turning us to The Wanting. 

Follows your Passage to your own ends …