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Coffin Of Bones (Independent 2015)

Some listeners alerting that these Demo tapes can immediately causing face melting as the riff-age comes to slam your existence from behind the stereo system variable that even the anti-virus computerized program cannot stop the demise on happening to you once you go and break the rules of silence time after midnight ritual session within this Sludge-Metal doomy heavier tunes or drums wearing like armor over the two headed metal-heads off Toledo, Ohio – Jimmy Smolenski (drums) and Eli Fakes (guitars, vocals) or other will definitely think that these tracks should be put on inside the molasses doomfest compilations as immense heavy extreme groans bursts along the destruction guitar bashing tones either via Heavy Lungs within thus ten minutes and fourteen seconds to the seven minutes and fourty-nine seconds Infernal Sun shredding skins show of force from this project calling themselves as Hung From The Rising Sun. 

Better think twice before you doomed to be forever turning to stone.