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Club Step (Bandcamp 2014)

Big Something is the exclusive echoed pleasure products made by local musicians off Burlington, North Carolina as the unpredictable group of groovy Funk elements mixed with Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Jazz, and for the listeners journey by the myriad of styles, you can depending on some new generations who loved either Sly and The Family Stone or Lenny Kravitz or both and seeing the force of this electrifying beats from the group members – Nick MacDaniels (guitars, vocals), Doug Marshall (bass), Josh Kagel (keys, trumpet), Casey Cranford (saxophone, ewi), Jesse Hensley (lead guitars) and Ben Vinograd (drums) have fused their sounds of favorite unique and timeless improvisation on taking listeners’ interests to the next level through the power-house recording on BIG Something’s Truth Serum that means sensitivity of an Alternative sounds for us to tune-in. crazy enough to swam with Megalodon (feat. DJ Logic), or meet Capt. D and hearing the screaming out warning via Sirens as well as the romance touches seductive over Love Generator.

Yes, either they or you whom will telling the real story on another or …

Truth Serum: