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Cloudshredder (Bandcamp 2016)

Pre$ident Evil is Francesco “Cesco” Salvador (vocals), Alberto “Libby” Libardor (bass), Nicolo “Dep” Depentor (guitar) with Alberto “Schiabo” Schiabel (guitar) and Tiziano “Tiz” Donadi (drums) of Venice’s Metal Alternative fusion of geometry in Post-Avant and Jazzcore progressive mixture sentenced to be the evidence about how powerful the influences from Serj Tankian and most of thus political views proved by dedication off the mentioned themes project outside it and this band coalition beats the bushes around the different perspective themes. 
Yes, there’s still Prepare for Freedom or Die as the opener as well as And Now For Something Completely Different may bias as Capitalistic 1984-Today! and Onstage Prostitution or The Invisible Gorilla Experiment can counting as a wider views of what the world of conspiracy had to do to our heads over centuries in such a clever techniques and lyrics and of course, the matching complex sounds. 
Hive album has releasing some of those highlighted tracks made by these Venice band. 

Thank You !