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Cloth Cut Five (Asian Man/Quote Unquote 2013)

   Ensemble of Indie Pop-Rock meets Folk/Punk dreamy sounds as melodic as harmonious as you wanted to listening from a band like them. The Wild of Atlanta, GA is a good formation group that consisting of a mixture of genders of musicians from Bryan Scherer (drums, guitars, vocals), Dianna Settles (vocals, tambourine), Steve D’Agostine (banjo, pedal steel, vocals, fiddle & guitars), Dakota Floyd (bass, vocals and bad puns) to Witt Wisebram (guitars, vocals, harmonica and piano) whom brought their essential softer side of social-lyrics themes based on Punk-Pop and Folk movements via this releasing on Dreams Are Maps which not only clever and smart but also having much courage to blending the music with independent ideas, thoughts of concerning over the society, being not sell-out cheap like a hooker for surrendering to Pop-cultures trend demands and yes, the songs to sing-along with or just peacefully, becoming one’s soundtrack over the lonely beginning of the week busy with too much bills and mouths to feeding still in question for anthem-songs to show like There’s a Darkness (But There’s also a Light), New Houses, A Better Life in New Bedford, Riverside to Songs By Heart may sounding tamed but closer to the term of contra-culture as the spirits of The Wild seems likely never ever give up easily to the darker side of life offering fast money from scamming others or such. 

Dreams Are Maps: