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Chinatown (Tenure Tracks 2009)

   For the loves of each others, the jingles, pop olden records, milkyway of guile, sean cody’s revenge to the baron in the tree and being themselves as Craig and Greg; these Indie-Pop Rock duo from New York is openly gay and didn’t socially embarrassing of the fact as writing song and making good harmony Pop-oriented of Electro-Dance Pop with Indie Rock syrup has acclaiming The Ballet’s career to be watched by the audience whom either liking the sounds or hating the sex-orientations of these two skinny guys.
   Bear Life is an album which might sounding “too close to Pet Shop Boys” but even the New Wave flicks carried by The House o Fire and Dangerous would undeniably giving you a taste of back from the past over its melody tones arranged well and as the Synth-Pop’s amazing keyboards tinged fringe ruling this championing record for those who loves Pop Culture of New York much; The Ballet might becoming your choice to pick this week. 
    As Teenage medusa now dressing-up beautifully and getting ready for her prom night so did these guys clearly making the path where Pop-Rock and Dance Electro via I’m Going Through a Personal Transformation, Girlfriends and Murder At The Discotheque or Never Go Home could definitely ruling the street of hope and love without seeing colors, beliefs and genders anymore … 

Do you agree with them ? 

Bear Life: