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Chimes Golden (Columbia/Serjical Strike 2004)

   Couple names of who do you supposed to call the real freedom fighters and free-speech activists like Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine to Serj Tankian (SOAD), Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle fame; Jonny Polonsky as well as Flea your crazy bass-basher, Chris Cornell to Pete Yorn and added more – uniting their power to make a good climate-changed around thus tangled political views, issues and problems through Various Artists Axis Of justice: Concert Series – Volume 1 from several spot shows like The Avalon, CA to Lollapalooza on Seattle and The Troubadour Hollywood as more being involving as well to this infamous small independent recording turns to big attractions once before just an expression started for forming a good and real competitor for how President Bush calling some countries as Axis of Evil. 
   As performance not only the parade of singers and famous rockers but also tons of Rock musicians and rebels like drummer Brad Wilk, The Nightwatchman, John Dolmayan (SOAD’s drummer) and Wayne Kramer the legend as the great format of planned songs whether they’re covers like Where The Streets have No name as the ultimate spiritual opener (originally by U2), Geroge Clinton Jr. Grace Cook’s Alice in My Fantasies, the odd-touchy Piano Improvisation by Serj Tankian or Bob marley/Peter Tosh’s Reggae hits – Get Up Stand Up as the last track of Jeffrey Are You listening ? with Brian O’Conner (bass) making the blurry window-panes now looks a little bit clearer as your mind started to think and concluded the beginning of the end of the new era comes the revolution of self-consciousness and raise those fists as the symbols for saying anti on being controlled.