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Chevrolet Nomad (Herzog Records 2014)

Fusion Jazz and Dub music beats comes relaxing slow but not lame as your ears while waiting the air-planes to take you places and the crowded airport seems not affecting your focus of hearing target – not a practice but the real beats within the good Pop-tuned sounds created and arranged operates by Reiner Winterschladen and Volker Vaessen as their disguise grouping semi-DJ/club Techno Jazz explorations and progress by the releasing of their latest album – Rio Bravo; a collections of ten tracks that easily describing about the nearest rivers on the border town and states – between thus hacienda roof-top and the dried-out survival cactuses which cleverly put their sounds variable not only for Folk or Jazz; just listen to El Camino Pacifico which tip-toeing in between pure Jazz and Pop Reggae like the opener song Still Happy even it won’t lasted long, the predictable seductive song on Camel Eyes or the closer to Hip-Hop ensembles would be Detroit Bel Air.

As the duo of Nighthawks planning to ditch the useless person and trying to recruits the new, smarter ones. Don’t cross the river, just drink its water …

Rio Bravo: