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Celestial Blooming (Not On Label 2016)

   Tatjana Eganow and Damien Duque of McAllen, TX profiling their musical and loves for thus dreamy romantic ambient of New Age soundscapes, Pst-Rock mixer between USA and Germany based on personal thoughts feelings and beautiful reasons providing by life itself; as Damien performs all the guitars, keyboards, pads, effects and arrangements while Taty The Mighty from Regensburg do the mixing vocals, writing lyrics and arranging songs through these project called City Of Dawn. For the love on abstract experimental beyond Shoegaze/Post-Rock and New Age Electro-Pop and rock sensory backgrounds as your mystical mysteries over pagan beliefs and modern spells of music emerging through the healer sense - As She Quietly Dance in The Wander of Stars and Our Cold Hands Touches Our Warm Souls or For Taty (the special closing song); as the titled Sage – the record that shows the revealing sounds of tranquility and characterized meaningful wisdom carried out by this stunning sophomore release. 

Warmeth intentions for donations or shop visiting for the likes on bracelets, charm-amulets and rings or just loving these works a sign of your interest for naturally believes which is the best.