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Celandine Diamonds (Janet Records 2011)

   The collective gathering of a couple old musicians and some other younger girls mixing their interest over the same truthful loving for their own traditional heritage and musical materials has bring these formatted recording debut for Fovea Hex consisting of Clodagh Simonds with Laura Sheeran and Michael Begg of Ireland onto their journey over vocals ambience and New Age classic further blends within Pop-Electronic and Folk-based on Celtic beliefs through the ancient times and modern days gate-fold time travelling via music making and composed materials as performing together as a unity called Fovea Hex project. As Clodagh Simonds playing the piano or harmonium and keyboards-like instruments as well as maidenhall piano; kalimba to lyre and Michael Bagg mixing the treatments toward the vocalizations harmony from Laura as the cello and other strings arrangements helping comes from the helping hands of Kate Ellis or violinist Cora Venus Lunny as well as the infamous Brian Eno as well and further more crystal clearance track-listing songs like the emancipated mysteries and echoes on mystical journey possible to learn via the performance of beautfy music materials there through Falling Things (Where Does a Girl begin ?), Every Evening, Brisance My Baby, A Hymn to Sulphur or Jewelled Eyes completing the album sessions on Here Is Where We used To Sing; worth to listen through-out the bad days and the stormy weather as well as the brighter ends of Summer or the beginning of Ostara hours.