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Caroline Jenny (Inflated Records 2014)

Fuzz-Pop prepping above the Rock N’ Roll/Garage/Psychedelic imported from New Orleans consisting of Ross Farbe (guitars,vocals), John St. Cyr (bass, vocals), Ray Micarelli (drums, vocals) – yep, only a trio actually and you got a displaying of fully Psychedelic-The Beatles’ Pop sensations and lots of faces and conversations between men and women based on romance, lust, fake loyalty or even tricks atmosphere of the 60’s Pop-Rock legacy by the group - Native America with the third installments entitled Grown Up Wrong. 
Only sweetening harmonies and no sour templates happened to be wrote down there by the limits of semi-mainstream or nearly commercial attitudes attaching through Dance with Me, Naturally Lazy, Old Friends, Digital Lobotomy and What’s on Your Mind ? truly entertaining those whom listening to them; as they’re clearly – Well Understood. 

Grown Up Wrong: