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Harbinger Caravan (Razor & Tie 2016)

   Fast, raging to furious complicated feelings or lyrics about how your emotional works didn’t quite catching the world on its spinning wheel while the typhoon of shredding six-strings and blasts of bucket full of drumming in double pedals angst perfectly throwing the listeners to the center of mosh-pit sea or head-banging heaven as one playing this recording session right from the Whitby, Ontario’s hardest music making rockers of Protest The Hero as a five-piece comprised of Tim Millar (guitar, vocals), Luke Hoskin (lead guitar, vocals, piano), Rody Walker (lead vocals), Moe Carlson (drums) and Arif Mirabdolbaghi (bass guitar, vocals) as the new face of extreme Emo-Rock/Metal-Core scene progress members to smash your spirits up. 
   Pacific Myth isn’t a just tales of folklore as exactly one might predicted to be but a compilations general issue around the destruction of nature by hands of greed of the mankind as you might finding them there inside the themes of climate change via Tidal, behavior transforming through Ragged Tooth or Cold Water as well as Cataract which eagerly talks about how on earth the planet being blinded for destroying itself from within and these singles compilations record should be taken as the catalog for a campaign to save the environment without too much pretension to spread towards their lyrics cause they’re enough as an explanations of how the migrates of manta ray away from here equals the extinction period happening quite a trend hidden by lies about glass-house effects program from our United Nations.

Pacific Myth: