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Buy A Dream (Bandcamp 2016)

Do you feel Safe (Super Safe) lately ? Or do you feel like the crumbling world of thus small piece of comfort zone gone days by days exactly like you didn’t wanted to become onto yourself ? Motel TV did quite not having their answers but through the band’s opinion, one can actually related to the little girl sitting alone in the dark with balloons and silence party of her own birthday celebration just like you might also feel about right now. 
My Ice Cream is Melting must be a mini recording that you didn’t want to have these days happening but reality can be equally bad with the album arts by Adam Straus not trying to avoid terrible sadness on the presentation for glory that never seems to be seen anymore as the wind calmly blow soft and the sun hiding behind the clouds of paralyzing emptiness riding your back like a sentimental mini-pony as the harmony peeps from the other-side and stop smiling. 
Boston’s Indie-Pop finer notes with Lay Down Freak Out and Crumbs surprisingly shall carried your burden weight bit by bit reducing even it won’t go away for good …