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Bugs Bastards Blackout (Waxwork 2014)

   As the artwork made carefully by Ghoulish Gary Pullin and this television movie series with sequels dreadfully shall haunting most of your and other teenage or even childhood days grown up only to watch Geroge A. Romero and Stephen King’s Horror-themed nightmarish filming of Creepshow as not only for the crypt-keeper’s laughing or the tales of disturbance and freighting shall forever follows your foot-steps where-ever you might go just like Billy being chased by the bullies disliking him but cannot cathing him and his bike only to meet their doom inside the belly of the gigantic venus man-trap plants. 
   Our journey begins after the introductions from the scary skinned and rotten crypt-keeper as Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by the genius composer John Harrison brought the dramatic turning to terror as your fake kindness or being nice won’t taking you nowhere but either haunted, strangled or even than that – died without a reasonable causes which led by the most awkwardly stories ever written by the two legendary “Godfathers of US Horror stories” which showing the tracks related on Henry is told The Family Secrets, Nate Comes Out of The Grave, Richard Watches Them Drown, Dex and Mike Open The Crate through Fluffy Eats Wilma or The End of Pratt and Garbage Men Find Billy’s Comic Book may equivalently drove one to nearly insanity while the fear intact with the displaying of after midnight horrors and reality checked gone wrong. 
Do not enters if you feel not comfortable because once you opening the comic pages – your problems just beginning seconds after they’re influencing your life ...

Creepshow OST: