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Bucket T (Blood Red Vinyl & Discs 2004)

Hello and meet these all-girls rocking band of four from New Brunswick, NJ estimated to be formed along the midst of nineties era as Alternative Rock and Grunge started to rule the world of Pop music. Heidi Lieb, Maria McKenna, Monica Falcone and Monica Vincent build their quartet Indie-Rock group and naming it Sit N’ Spin as then, writing songs, arranging musical materials and producing some albums became their good job not to get hits by stating turns as independent and non-trendy performers to play some of the good old infamous sixties Surf-Pop and Punk and Rock N’ Roll mixing to their sounds. 
After two great recording releases came this third effort from the girls sounding retro, blushy and keeping you alive to dance like crazy following their beats that seems to be compared to the similarity as The Go-Go’s did but there should be more from them later. 
Listen to these twelve tracks of rocking pop tunes and semi-country alternative-tinged talking about daily stuff – from the legend favorite on Elvis, the driving pleasures over 28 Wheels, Lost Highway Revisited as a classic interpretations; Drinkin’ Of You or Tokyo Teenage Queen – that’s all sounded so equally New Jersey as the garden state will always be a good place for romance either it’s cheap of luxurious and Sit N’ Spin gurls knowing that sometimes life isn’t as good as it gets to see or feel so that’s why guess they’re making this album entitled: Doin' Time With as a reflective Indie-Rock scoring or just a moment to learn more about yourself and the life you living with.

Doin' Time With: