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Brut And Cava (Bandcamp 2009)

   A talented and low-profiled male singer, song-writer and guitarist of British-Acoustic scene figures if not being with his Rubus group; he just simply singled-out and making his own materials down to the arranging parts straight to the recording studio and also live performance as a solo act, being inspired by his old headmaster at the younger age and came from Newcastle – upon Tyne, UK as he fluently play his guitars as well as singing with the basically helps effort from either fiddler/percussionist Christi Andropolis and Randy Andropolis for piano/organ and backing vocals over this Cities and Power album. Find out yourself all the incredible acoustic sessions over nine tracks available for whether the love for Alternative Country-Folk sense or Folk-Rock within the Pop intimate basic and mature or wiser lyrics to wrote by himself for the harmony and non-pretentious themes like Heathens, Knocking At My Door, Move On to Buy You a Horse or Rumours of War to Word From The Wise; exactly – makes the listeners learning something positive carries by the most demanding acts in the city right now !

Cities and Power: