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Bronkaid Mapquest (Not Common Records 2005)

There’s no such things as Noise Punk-Rock or Garage Sludge heaviness without a cause and for that statement take these Quincy, Massachusetts group of three rock-heads: Kellzo, Radek Wierzbowski and Shawnie Brando recording their semi-grungy bastard bitchin’ and an anti-complex punkish rocker delivery on Smart as a Whip as being themselves proudly insensitive and brutal like non-popular local bums having a chance to grab a mike and making a dumb band. 
But don’t get them wrong totally stupid because either you will make yourself head-banging via the snowstorm sessions inside the garage by them as Bugs and Rats contending the conclusions over the recording releases off Creep mission, Elastic Bands, Mother, Mysoginistic Drag Queen or Cadillacs and Dry Socket may filling up the listed of some kids over a year before they’re decided to make a good change inside their house like buried the parents on a basement’s corner or mutilating the next door noisy dog with lawnmower or just poisoning the elders and then watching television while eating peanuts. 
Sounded too crazy ? 
Just try the band instead !

Smart as a Whip: