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Breaking News (Shadow Kingdom 2016)

   Many ways to re-calling your merciless gods from the upper skies to come down and via Heavy Metal extreme atmospheric and Black Metal; that things possible.
The Canadian label efforts of Goddess Unjustice by Excuse crew – the Finnish group leading the entire search for our offering towards the divine supreme almighty force with their foursome developing fierce Speed metal glory and sacrifice darkly melodies like slithering splinters of cruel mass on stabbing the mistress and cut out her heart for displaying over the bloody walpurgisnicht sessions onto razor-like drumming and killer riffs available via these four mini album tracks project as like you being invited to join the brotherhood of satanic-worshipers trying to sacrifice your own sister on the altar of the head-bangers hell via Baphomet and Obsessed … With The Collapse of Civilization proudly presents these newcomers hottest of Finland’s Heavy Music Extreme scene.

Goddess Unjustice: