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Boyo Diddy (Not On Label 2015)

Boston, Massachusetts three-piece of Dance-Rock, Surf-Pop or Indie Country performance with members like Grayson Kirtland – bass and backing vocals, Drew McDonald – drums and backing vocals as well as Brandon Hagen – guitars and lead vocals; sounding optimistic, chanting conversationally monotone but playful with sarcasm and dreary retains to rocking their listeners to the most cathartic state symptoms as scattered and unpredictable influenced themselves within thus light Indie-Rock to heavier rock legends as well as Post-punk shifts for ear-worming candid melodies erupts softly abrupt via the reasonable album title – Gawk from the unreasonable band’s name of Vundabar. 
Cradling between oddness and sweetening jangly Pop and floating vocals and music to send the hypnotics sub-cultured genre dreams onto your heads quickly. 
Listen to Oulala or Alien Blues, Darla to Cottonkid and Worn Wander to Ash in The Sun which quite exquisite variable on those reactions over science mixed with Pop Music for the wasted minding generations to learn about. 
Whether they’re lazy or possessively too damn retard to understand the meaning themes here; one might catch some good advice on the lyrics not to under-estimate someone the first place …