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Bond Jeremy King (Adagio830 2009)

Hardcore-Punk crew off San Carlos, California with the current line-up: Steven Shirley (bass), Jack Shirley and Kenny Gabe (guitars), Wesley Elsbree on drums and Juan Gabe the vocalist baptizing themselves as the band group named Comadre. Simple cover-art and there’s nothing really holding back the tip of their non-commercial shown naked there as the materials did eventually build and arranged quite professionals but the art is an art which did not to be too smooth to draw or make; fuck the crown but the raccoon still have thus kinds of respects among thieves there and thus protest lyrics did their parts very well as you following the brutal blistering tracks of punk-rocker angst that fits to ensure that no corruptors shall be saved from the death row and threats for what they’ve did to the entire nations. Tennerism, Hamlets, Viva Hate Pt. II onto Grow Worms and “Suicides May Have Been Pact” being released not as the money indicators or marching ads but a free donation from the band to the fighting values workers and pro-common people fighters build an army bigger and better to A Wolf Ticket – anthem for moshing and marching in blacks against the new world order troops of doom, today !

A Wolf Ticket: