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Bluebeat Back (Chrysalis 1992)

Have to wait until their third recording releases for tasting a real success with the rising tide of MTV popularity ruling our world of music by demands and not too much audiences wanted to listening to more New Wave Disco-Pop blending there around; Peter Cox and Richard Drummie pulling their talents together again and spawning this Electro Synth-Pop and Pop-Rock mixture through Indian Summer that clicking the hitbutton for the single that considerable as one hit wonder forever beloved reaching millions to liking it and the rest of the songs – you remember The King of Wishful Thinking, right ? 
Some sounded like a Jazzy-tinged bad stuff or cheesy Progressive Pop but don’t ever denying that your ears won’t lie to liking Go West duo especially, after this damn good album. 
Other tracks to try a taste would be Tell Me, Faithful, That’s What Love Can Do, The Sun and The Moon, What You Won’t Do For Love and Count Me Out – isn’t a regular Crystal Ball giving them fame instantly, the earned it after several times of working their butts hard off !

Indian Summer: