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Bleeps 8 Today (Independent 2017)

Dry world, deserted earth in the year of three thousand but while the kids still playing around the dead trees and the modern city lost its perpetual resemblance as the civilizations mostly cradle back to the surface after the first good weather and atmosphere to breathing but no more people that can breeding as the tales telling story based on Martian Ayre recorded by Traxus truly shared/embed not as the wish-list but the long term experiences and devoted background memories of how and when or why the disaster happens toward our advance but ignorant society in form of collision of space rocks and the futuristic themes carried out by the songs on the album like – Netrunner, Dataslave, Geriatric Zombie Acid, Commodore Fighter, Cathode Ray lullaby and TX81XZ Reverie.
The encoding secret files might also tells you about how the last humanity went away to migrating decades ago as they’re leaving the land and sea with pollution; to another dimensions and places. 

The album artwork by Jay Tholen is also revealing the clue that being discussed before …

Martian Ayre: