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Benefit Enterprise (HNM 2016)

   Going to reminded one about the late nineties era group of New Age beats musical performance at first – like Enigma’s churches choir-influences but then, everything absurdly – changing into your reality nightmarish of Harsh-Noise and Industrial-Death experimental owned by the energy from Electronisch-power leading your socio-paths deranged in beings over psychological psychotic marches on anthems via 4 Month Male (Social Pathology) to Miscreated Connection (Socially Delusional) as well as thus seven minutes and forty-three seconds of Bleach Sin suits quite remarkably for only mostly the abnormalities anomaly acts and the sender received the cured karma tunes in the making by the artist of loud infectious leper noise-mixer project off Vaginal Pentagram’s Isolationism. 
Where your imaginative asylum sleep-over turning to staying for too damn longer and nearly permanent as the deafening noises comes out like the thousands bees or wasps flying down from dark hell – bringing their stings of poison to punish the ignorant, the greedy and the sinful hypocrites as the planet turns to doomsday points begins by hanging of the innocents.